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Funerary Monument of Flavius Agricola

138-193 C.E.


On display in C200

Artwork Details

Creation Date
138-193 C.E.
Object Types

26-1/2 x 70 x 27 in.

Accession Number
Credit Line

Gift of Alan Hartman

Public Domain

Classical Art

Color Palette

Excavated from St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, Italy, in 1626 and acquired by Cardinal Francesco Barberini [1597-1679];{1} by descent to the Barberini heirs, the Sciarra Colonna family, Rome, and on view in the Galleria Sciarra;{2} sold from this collection, possibly to Baron Rothschild, Paris, France.{3} European art market, about 1939.{4} (Demotte, Inc, New York, New York).{5} (Joseph Brummer, New York); Sale at (Parke-Bernet, New York) in 1949.{6} (French & Company, Inc, New York) by 1957.{7} Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hartman, New York; given to the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields, Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1972. {1} See Giuseppe Pucci, L’epitaffio di Flavio Agricola e un disegno della collezione Dal Posso-Albani,”Bollettino della Commissione Archeologica Communale de Roma, volume 81 (1968-69), pp. 173-177. {2} The funerary monument appears as no. 3415, in the Sciarra Palace, in Friedrich Matz and Friedrich von Duhn, Antike Bildwerke in Rom, volume 2, 1881, p. 479. {3} Pucci notes that this was the speculation of the Italian archaeologist and publicist, Costantino Maes, who was dismayed that Maffeo Sciarra [1850-1925] was selling items abroad. Baron Alphonse Rothschild did buy at least two paintings from the Sciarra collection. {4} As noted by Cornelius C. Vermeule, “The Dal Pozzo-Albini Drawings of Classical Antiquities in the Royal Library at Windsor Castle,” Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, volume 56, part 2, 1966, p. 37. {5} Given as a previous owner in the 1949 Parke-Bernet auction catalogue, cited below. {6} Parke-Bernet, New York, Classical and Medieval Stone Sculptures…Part III of the Art Collection Belonging to the Estate of the Late Joseph Brummer, 8-9 June 1949, lot 505. {7} See the advertisement, with an illustration of the sculpture, in the New York Times, 10 November 1957.

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