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Landscape near Arles



On display in H206

oil paintcanvaspainting

Artwork Details

Creation Date
oil on canvas
Object Types
paintings, oil paintings

36 x 28-1/2 in. (canvas) 3 x 35-3/4 x 3 in. (framed, Optium)

Accession Number
Credit Line

Gift in memory of William Ray Adams

Public Domain

European Painting and Sculpture 1800-1945

Color Palette

(Ambroise Vollard [1867-1939], Paris, France) by 1907; Gabriel Frizeau, Bordeaux; (Ambroise Vollard, Paris) again by 1910;{1} to (Justin K. Thannhauser [1892-1976], Munich, Germany) in 1912;{2} sold to Baron August von der Heydt [1851-1929], Elberfeld, Rheinland, Germany by 1918;{3} sold to a Mr. Neumann, Barmen,Germany after World War I, probably Karl Neumann;{4} Possibly sold back to (Justin K. Thannhauser).{5} Probably (A. Tooth & Sons, London, England).{6} In the collection of Captain Ernest Duveen, London, by 1927.{7} (Thomas Agnew & Sons, Ltd., London).{8} Via (Hugo Perls [1886-1977], New York, New York) to (M. Knoedler & Co., Inc., New York, New York) by 1942;{9} purchased from (M. Knoedler & Co., Inc.) by Mrs. Julian Bobbs in February 1944 for the John Herron Art Institute, Indianapolis, Indiana, now the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields, as a Gift in memory of William Ray Adams.{10} {1} For the detailed early provenance of this painting see Daniel Wildenstein, Gauguin: A Savage in the Making: Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings (1873-1888), Paris, Milan, 2002, catalogue no. 315 (illustrated). {2} Wildenstein catalogue raisonné, 2002, cited above notes that Vollard sold it to Thannhauser in Munich, see Vollard 1912 diary in Vollard Archives, Documentation de la Conservation, Musée d'Orsay, Paris. {3} See C. G. Heise, Die Sammlung des Freiherrn August von der Heydt, Elberfeld, 1918, no. 93 (illustration). Also, in correspondence between Eduard von der Heydt [1882-1964], son of Baron August von der Heydt, and the John Herron Art Institute, dated 14 September 1946, the former recalls that his father purchased the painting from Justin K. Thannhauser. See correspondence in IMA Historical File (44.10). {4} Ibid. Eduard von der Heydt notes in the same letter that the Gauguin was sold to a "Mr. Neumann in Barmen." {5} Ibid. Von der Heydt's son believes that the painting went back to Thannhauser after Neumann owned it briefly. {6} As cited in Wildenstein catalogue raisonné, 2002. {7} See J. B. Manson, "Two Modern French Pictures," Apollo, London , Volume 5, No. 25, January 1927, page 32 identifies the painting as belonging to Captain Ernest Duveen. {8} See the exhibition catalogue for Exhibition of Master of French 19th -century Painting, New Burlington Galleries, London, catalogue no. 97 for Agnew & Sons as owner. {9} A typed list in the Hugo Perls Collection at the Leo Baeck Institute, New York, New York - microfilm 712, reel 1, frame 165 - lists a Gauguin landscape that is likely to be the IMA's Landscape near Arles. For Knoedler, see the printed exhibition checklist for Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, "French Art of the 19th and 20th Centuries, November 1942, checklist no. 28, copy in IMA Provenance file (44.10) {10} Mrs. Julian Bobbs (Helen Adams Bobbs) was married to William Ray Adams in her first marriage.

Exhibition Name



The Lume: Van Gogh

Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields

July 27, 2021 - May 30, 2022

Van Gogh and Gauguin: Studio of the South

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

March 26, 2004 - March 26, 2004

Van Gogh and Gauguin: Studio of the South

The Van Gogh Museum

February 9, 2002 - June 2, 2002

Van Gogh and Gauguin: Studio of the South

Art Institute of Chicago

September 22, 2001 - January 13, 2002

The Art of Paul Gauguin

Galeries Nationales, Grand Palais Champs-Elysées

January 10, 1989 - April 20, 1989

The Art of Paul Gauguin

Art Institute of Chicago

September 7, 1988 - December 10, 1988

The Art of Paul Gauguin

National Gallery of Art

May 1, 1988 - July 31, 1988

A Day in the Country: Impressionism and the French Landscape

Galeries Nationales, Grand Palais Champs-Elysées

February 8, 1985 - April 22, 1985

A Day in the Country: Impressionism and the French Landscape

Art Institute of Chicago

October 23, 1984 - January 6, 1985

A Day in the Country: Impressionism and the French Landscape

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

June 28, 1984 - September 16, 1984

Vincent van Gogh and the Birth of Cloisonism

Art Gallery of Ontario

January 24, 1981 - March 22, 1981

The Early Work of Paul Gauguin, Genesis of an Artist

Cincinnati Art Museum

March 18, 1971 - April 26, 1971

Design and Content

Columbus Museum of Art

April 7, 1967 - April 30, 1967

Gauguin and the Decorative Style

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

June 23, 1966 - October 23, 1966

Olympia’s Progeny, French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Paintings

Wildenstein and Co., Inc.

October 28, 1965 - November 27, 1965

Cézanne, Gauguin, van Gogh, Seurat-Wegereiter der modernen Malerie

Kunstverein Hamburg

May 4, 1963 - July 14, 1963

Paul Gauguin

Österreichische Galerie Belvedere

June 7, 1960 - July 31, 1960

Paul Gauguin

Haus der Kunst

April 1, 1960 - May 29, 1960


Metropolitan Museum of Art

April 2, 1959 - May 31, 1959


Art Institute of Chicago

February 12, 1959 - March 29, 1959


Wildenstein & Company, Inc.

April 4, 1956 - May 5, 1956

Exhibition of Paintings, Engravings and Sculptures of Gauguin

Tate Britain

September 30, 1955 - October 26, 1955

Paul Gauguin: His Place in the Meeting of East and West

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

March 27, 1954 - April 25, 1954

French Art

Indiana University

October 25, 1948 - October 31, 1948

Masters of French 19th Century Painting

New Burlington Galleries

1936 - 1936

Cent Oeuvres de Gauguin

Galerie Charpentier

Dates Unknown

French Art of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Rhode Island School of Design

Dates Unknown

Exhibition of Paintings, Engravings and Sculptures of Gauguin

The Royal Scottish Academy

Dates Unknown

The Springtime of Impressionism

Columbus Museum of Art

Dates Unknown

Bâtiments des Expositions Libres

1893 - 1893

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